Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Fine-tuning the Projector 47
Changing Menu Settings
Use the buttons on the remote control to access the menus and change
settings. Follow these steps:
1. Press the
Menu button on the remote control to display the menu
The seven menus are listed on the left, and the options available
for the highlighted menu are shown on the right.
2. Press the up or down directional buttons to scroll through
the menu list.
3. When the menu you want is highlighted, press the
Enter button
to select it. The highlight moves to the first option for that menu.
4. Use the directional buttons ( , , , or ) to scroll through the
list of options. (The options available depend on which source is
5. When the option you want to change is highlighted, press the
Enter button to select it. Then use the directional buttons to
change the setting.
The current setting is indicated by a green oval . Press
the and buttons to select a different setting, and then press
Enter to accept the new setting. The for the new setting turns
Menu Directional buttons
Menu options
If you want to go back to the
default settings on any menu
select Reset, press Enter,
select Yes, and then press