Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

76 Solving Problems
Nothing appears on the external monitor.
Make sure the VGA computer cable is connected to your
computer’s video port and the projector’s
Computer1/Component Video1 port. It will not work if you
connected the computer cable to the projector’s
Computer2/Component Video2 port.
Make sure the cable from your monitor is connected to the
Monitor Out port.
You see a blue screen with the message No Signal displayed.
Make sure the cables are connected correctly, as described in
Chapter 1.
Make sure the power to your computer or video source is turned
If you’ve connected a computer and one or more video sources,
you may need to press the
Source button (on the projector) or
Computer1/2 or S-Video/Video button (on the remote
control) to select the correct source. Allow a few seconds for the
projector to sync up after pressing the button.
If you’ve connected a laptop computer, make sure it’s set to
display on an external monitor. See page 31.
If you’re using a PC laptop:
Hold down the Fn key and press the function key that lets you
display on an external monitor. It may have an icon such as
, or it may be labelled
CRT/LCD. Allow a few seconds for
the projector to sync up after pressing it. Check your laptop’s
manual or online help for details.
On most systems, the or
CRT/LCD key lets you toggle
between the LCD screen and the projector, or display on both at
the same time.