Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Setting Up the Projector 19
Connecting the Cable for Remote Mouse
Using the remote control as a wireless mouse lets you click through
slideshow-style presentations, such as PowerPoint, from up to 20 feet
away. This makes it easy to deliver your presentation, since you won’t
need to stand near your computer.
To use the wireless mouse function, your system must have a USB
port and the full version of one of these operating systems:
1. If you are using a desktop computer, disconnect the mouse cable
from your computer.
2. Locate the USB mouse cable that came with the projector and
connect the square end of the cable to the projector’s USB
3. Connect the flat end of the cable to an available USB port on your
4. If necessary, configure your laptop to work with an external
If you don’t need to make any other connections, you can plug in
your projector and turn it on. See page 28 for instructions.
Windows Macintosh
Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP Macintosh OS 8.6 to 9.2, OS X