Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Fine-tuning the Projector 59
Setting a Password
1. Press the Freeze button on the remote control for about 7
seconds, until you see the Password Protect menu:
2. Select
Password and press Enter. You see the message Change
the password?
3. Select
Yes and press Enter.
4. Enter a 4-digit password using the numeric keypad on the remote
The password will be displayed as
****. After you enter the last
digit, a confirmation screen appears. Enter the password again.
5. After you finish setting the password, press the
Esc button to
return to the Password Protect menu.
Make a note of the password and keep it in a safe place in case you
forget it.
Turning On the Password and User’s Logo
1. To enable the password, select Power ON Protect and press
Enter. Select ON then press Esc.
2. If you want to disable the password temporarily, select
Timer and
Enter. Then use the numeric keypad to enter the number of
hours (from 0 to 999) that you want the password feature
disabled. If you want the projector to request the password every
time it is turned on, set the timer to
The countdown for the elapsed time begins as soon as you close
the Password Protect menu. (You can check the elapsed time in
this menu next to
Time elapsed.)
If a password has already
been set, you see the
Password Protect Release
screen. See “Starting the
Projector with a Password”
on page 60.
Use these buttons like a
numeric keypad to enter
the password