Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

50 Fine-tuning the Projector
Theatre: For optimizing movie images with natural color in a
dark room (the default for video or S-Video display)
Living Room: For playing video games and watching TV in
a bright room
sRGB: For standard sRGB computer displays (the default
when projecting from a computer with analog video)
Blackboard: Fixed color mode when projecting against a
green blackboard
Input Signal
This setting should match the port to which your selected
source is connected, such as
Computer1 when a computer is
connected to the
Computer1/Component Video1. When a
component video source is connected, choose
YCbCr or
YPbPr, depending on the type of signals produced by your
source. (You can tell which setting is correct by the quality of
the projected image.)
Auto Setup (computer images only)
Leave this setting
ON to automatically optimize the computer
image. Turn it off if you want to save adjustments you have
made to the video settings.
Video Signal (video only)
Leave this setting at
Auto unless you are using a 60-Hz PAL
system (select
Aspect Ratio (video only)
Set to
4:3 for letterbox video content and to 16:9 for
widescreen video content.
4. When the image is set correctly, press
Esc or Menu. Your settings
are automatically saved.
Be sure to select the correct
source with one of the Source
buttons before you check the
Input Signal.