Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Solving Problems 75
Solving Problems with the Image or
No image appears on the screen.
Check that the power light is green, not flashing, and the lens cap
is off.
The projector may be in standby or sleep mode. If the projector
has not received any input signal for 30 minutes, it turns off the
lamp to conserve the lamp life and save energy. If the power light
is orange, press the P
Power button to turn the projector on.
Press the A/V Mute button to make sure the picture has not been
turned off temporarily.
If the power was switched off and then on again, the projector
may still be cooling down. Wait until the power light stops
flashing and remains orange; then press the P
Power button
Check the Video Signal or Input Signal setting in the Image
menu to make sure it is correct for the selected source. See
page 50 for more information.
Has the Message option in the Setting menu been set to OFF?
Adjust the Brightness setting on the Image menu or select High
for the
Brightness Control setting in the Advanced menu. See
page 49 or page 54.
The attached computer may be in sleep mode or displaying a
black screen saver. Try pressing a key on the computer.