Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Solving Problems 83
You have lost the remote control.
You need the remote control to access many projector features. If you
have lost it, you can order another from EPSON (part number
To prevent losing the remote control, store it in the compartment
beneath the projector, as described on page 40.
You can’t control the mouse pointer with the remote
Make sure the mouse cable is securely connected to both your
computer’s mouse port or USB port and the projector’s USB
port. For details, see page 19.
Make sure RS232C is selected as the COM Port setting in the
Advanced menu. See page 54.
To use the USB mouse connection on a PC, your system must
have a “clean” installation of Windows 98, Windows Me,
Windows XP, or Windows 2000. The connection may not work
correctly if your system was upgraded from Windows 95.
Where To Get Help
EPSON provides technical assistance through electronic support
services 24 hours a day, as listed in the following table.
Service Access
World Wide Web From the Internet, you can reach EPSON’s
product support page at After selecting
your product, you can access troubleshooting
information, download product
documentation, and receive technical advice
through e-mail.
Presenters Online Access tips, templates, and training for
developing successful presentations at