Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

54 Fine-tuning the Projector
3. Press
Enter and use the directional buttons and the Enter button
to set the following options:
Brightness Control
Select Low lamp brightness when the projection is too bright
for the room. The
Low setting also reduces the electricity
consumption and fan noise. Select
High to project the
maximum brightness. (Also check the
Brightness setting in
the Image menu; see page 49.)
Startup Screen
Turn on to display the image or logo you have captured
whenever the projector is turned on. See page 56 for more
Color Adjustment
Color Temp:
Adjusts the whiteness of the screen.
RGB: Adjusts the individual RGB values.
Projector is in front of the screen
Front/Ceiling: Projector is in front of the screen, mounted
upside-down from the ceiling
Rear: Projector is behind the screen
Rear/Ceiling: Projector is behind the screen, mounted
upside-down from the ceiling
COM Port
Turn on USB only if you’re controlling the projector from a
computer with the EMP Link 21L software. This software
can be downloaded from the EPSON website at (You must turn the projector off and
then on again to use the new setting.)
Select from nine languages to be used for the projector
4. When you’re finished, press
Esc or Menu.
The Startup Screen option
cannot be turned off if the
User’s Logo Protect feature
has been turned on. See
page 59.