Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

52 Fine-tuning the Projector
Customizing Projector Features
Use the Setting menu to disable the projector’s sleep mode, adjust the
image shape, and customize several other features.
1. Press the
Menu button.
2. Select the
Setting menu.
3. Press
Enter and then use the directional buttons and the Enter
button to set the following options:
Adjusts a distorted image from a trapezoid shape to
Auto Keystone
Automatically adjusts a distorted image from a trapezoid
shape to rectangular when the projector’s feet are extended or
retracted. (Not available when you’re projecting from the
ceiling or using rear projection.) Select
ON or OFF.
Selects whether the projector displays a message in the
following situations: when the image source is switched, or
when no image signal is being received, when the color mode
is changed, when an incompatible signal is input, and when
the air filter needs to be changed.