Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

82 Solving Problems
Solving Password Problems
You have forgotten the password.
Write down the request code that appears in the Password Protect
Release screen and contact EPSON. See “Where To Get Help”
on page 83.
If you turned on the password protect feature before setting the
password and no password was set before, try using the default
You don’t have the remote control.
You must have the remote control to enter the password. If necessary,
you can purchase a replacement remote control from EPSON (part
number: V12H007T13).
Solving Problems with the Remote
The projector doesn’t respond to remote control commands.
Make sure the tape has been removed from the battery tray as
described on page 40.
Make sure you are within 20 feet of the projector, and within
range of the projector’s front or back sensor (approximately 30° to
the left or right and 15° above or below).
The remote control battery may not be installed correctly or may
be low on power. Change the battery as described on page 44.
Dim the room lights and turn off any fluorescents. Make sure the
projector is not in direct sunlight. Strong lighting, especially
fluorescent lights, may affect the projector’s infrared receivers.
Turn off any nearby equipment that emits infrared energy, such
as a radiant room heater.