Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

78 Solving Problems
Only part of the computer image is displayed.
You may need to adjust the Position setting in the Image menu.
See page 49 for more information.
If you changed the Aspect Ratio setting for a different source, you
may need to change it back to 4:3. See page 50 for instructions.
Make sure your computer’s resolution setting is correct. Ideally,
it should be 1024
× 768 (for the PowerLite 74c) or 800 × 600
(for the PowerLite 54c) to match the projector’s native resolution.
If this option isn’t available, select one of the other compatible
video formats listed on page 88.
Right-click the desktop, select
Properties, click the Settings
tab, and select a different resolution.
Macintosh OS X:
On the Apple menu, choose
System Preferences, then
Display. Select a different resolution.
Macintosh OS 9.x:
On the Apple menu, choose
Control Panels, then click
Monitors or Monitors and Sound. Select a different
You also may need to modify existing presentation files if you
created them for a different resolution. See your software
documentation for specific information.
If you used the E-Zoom feature, press Esc on the remote control
to cancel zooming and return to full screen size.
The image isn’t rectangular, but trapezoid-shaped.
Make sure the projector isn’t placed off to one side of the screen,
at an angle, or the image won’t be rectangular. Place it directly in
front of the center of the screen, facing the screen squarely.
If you’ve tilted the projector upward, the image will be broader at
the top. Turn on Auto Keystone correction as described on
page 52 or hold down the or side of the
button on top of the projector until the image is rectangular.