Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Using the Remote Control 39
Using the Remote Control
The remote control lets you access your projector’s features from
anywhere in the room—up to 20 feet away. For example, you can turn
the projector on and off, freeze the presentation, zoom in on a portion
of your image, and access the menu system. (The projector menus let
you adjust many projector settings; see Chapter 4.)
If you’re using a computer and you’ve connected the mouse cable
as described in Chapter 1, you can use the remote control as a wireless
When using the remote control, stand within 20 feet of the projector.
Point the remote control either at the front or back of the projector or
at the screen (the projector’s front sensor can detect signals bounced
off the screen). Press the button for the function you want to use.
This chapter covers the following information:
Removing the battery tape
Storing the remote control
Controlling the picture and sound
Using the remote control as a wireless mouse