Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

46 Fine-tuning the Projector
Using the Projector’s Menu System
The seven projector menus let you adjust and customize the projector
features from the remote control:
The Image menu controls the look and quality of the projected
image. It lets you adjust the image position, select the color mode,
and fine-tune settings such as Brightness, Sharpness, and
The Audio menu controls the volume level and audio input
setting (
Audio1 or Audio2).
The Setting menu allows you to adjust or enable features such as
Keystone correction, background screen color, message display,
and sleep mode.
The User’s Logo menu lets you capture and store a custom image
or logo which you can then use as the startup screen or A/V Mute
The Advanced menu lets you select Low or High brightness
mode, the menu language, startup screen, color setting, and rear
or ceiling projection.
The Info menu provides information about lamp status and
computer or video settings.
The Reset All menu lets you restore the projector’s factory default