Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Using the Projector 33
Adjusting the Image
Once you see your image, you’ll need to make certain adjustments:
To focus or zoom your image, see below.
If the image is too high or too low, you can reposition it.
See page 34.
If the image isn’t square, see page 35.
To change the color mode for your image and surroundings, see
page 36.
If a computer image displays incorrectly, see page 37.
You can make many other adjustments to the image—such as
changing the brightness, contrast, and aspect ratio—using the
projector’s menu system. See Chapter 4 for more information
Focusing and Zooming Your Image
Rotate the focus ring to sharpen the image.
Rotate the zoom ring to reduce or enlarge the image.
Focus ring
Zoom ring