Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

42 Using the Remote Control
Turning Off the Picture and Sound
Press the A/V Mute button on the remote control to turn off the
image and sound and darken your screen. This is useful if you want to
temporarily re-direct your audience’s attention without the distraction
of a bright screen.
To turn off the picture and sound, press the A/V Mute button.
The screen goes dark.
To turn the image and sound back on, press the button again or
You can create an image, such as a company logo or a picture, to
display on the screen whenever you press the
A/V Mute button. See
page 56 for more information.
Stopping Action
Press the Freeze button to stop the action in your video or computer
image and keep the current image on the screen. The sound will
continue, however; and if you have connected an external monitor for
simultaneous display, the action continues on the monitor even
though it is paused on the screen.
Press the
Freeze button again or press Esc to re-start it.
Zooming Your Image
Follow these steps to zoom in on a portion of the image:
1. Press the
E-Zoom button on the remote control.
You see a crosshair indicating the center of the zoom-in area.
2. Use the directional buttons to position the crosshair in the area
you want to enlarge.
3. Continue pressing the
E-Zoom button to enlarge the selected
area up to 4 times.
Zoom in
Zoom out
A/V Mute