Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Appendix B: Notices 93
Remote Control Information
You can operate the projector by remote control via a line-of-sight infrared
(IR) receiver at the front and rear of the projector. The projector may not
respond to remote control commands under the following conditions:
There is an object between the remote control IR emitter and the IR
receiver on the projector.
Ambient light is too bright.
Certain types of fluorescent lighting are used.
A strong light source shines into the IR receiver.
Other equipment that emits infrared energy, such as a radiant room
heater, is in the room.
These conditions commonly cause problems for most infrared-controlled
equipment. Try the following:
The remote control unit’s battery may be low on power; replace it.
Dim the ambient lighting and/or turn off any fluorescent lights.
Close any window coverings and/or move the projector out of direct
Turn off other equipment that emits infrared energy.
If the remote control still does not work correctly, you can always run your
computer-based presentation directly from the computer.