Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Setting Up a Computer as a File Server
Using a NetWare Network (Windows)
Setting Up a Computer as a File Server
To send data from the machine to a computer on your network, you need to specify
the settings of the computer for receiving data.
This section describes how to set up a computer as a file server.
Optional equipment is required to send data. For the equipment needed, see "Optional
Equipment and System Requirements," on p. 1-2.
To send a file to the NetWare server, specify the following NetWare settings for the
machine. For instructions on how to specify the protocol settings, see "Protocol Settings,"
on p. 4-8.
- <NetWare>: [On]
- <Frame Type>: Frame type suitable for your environment
This section describes only the procedures for setting up a computer receiving data sent
from the machine. To send data from the machine to a server on the network, you must
enter an address setting from the control panel. For instructions on how to specify
recipient address settings, see Chapter 2, "Basic Sending Methods," in the Sending and
Facsimile Guide.
In some environments, additional detailed settings, such as authority settings, may be
required. For details, consult the network administrator of the environment you are using.
Log in to NetWare as Administrator (or as a user of equivalent
authority) set up the users and passwords for sending data
from the machine.
Enter a user name, and a password not longer than 24 alphanumeric characters.
Create a directory to be used for recipient addresses, and
then enable read access and write access by the users who
will be sending data.