Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Setting Up a Computer as a File Server
Using a TCP/IP Network
Set a recipient address using the control panel.
Sample recipient setting:
Server side settings:
The machine's recipient settings:
To use [Full computer name], which was confirmed in step 4, as the host name for
[Host Name] as shown in the above example, it is necessary to use a DNS server.
(This applies even if the machine and the FTP server are in the same subnet.) If no
DNS server is available, the host name setting should be specified using the IP
address of the FTP server.
Up to 128 alphanumeric characters can be entered for [Host Name] on the control
panel. Also, up to 255 alphanumeric characters can be entered for [Folder Path].
If you switch the language of the touch panel display, [Host Name] and [Folder
Path] may not be displayed correctly.
If the FTP port number is set to a value other than 21, specify the following for [Host
<IP address of FTP server>:<Port number>
[Full Computer Name]:
Create a directory named "share" in the specified FTP server's home directory
"\lnetpub\ftproot", and then set "share" as the data destination.
<Protocol>: FTP
[Host Name]:
[Folder Path]: share
[User]: User name entered in step 5
[Password]: Password for the above user