Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Protocol Settings
Using a TCP/IP Network
In order to perform time synchronization through SNTP, it is necessary to set the
time zone of the region in which you are using the machine in advance. For
instructions on how to set the time zone, see Chapter 6, "System Manager
Settings," in the Reference Guide.
On the TCP/IP Settings screen, press [FTP Print Settings]
specify the following.
[On] for <Use FTP printing>: You can use FTP as the print application.
In [User], enter the login user name for access to the FTP server.
In [Password], enter the login password for access to the FTP server.
If you do not specify [User] and [Password], all user names and passwords will be
The password will appear in the job list as a user name if you enter "anonymous"
as a login user name for access to an FTP server without specifying [User] and
[Password], or if you enter "anonymous" in [User]. (To display the job list, press
[System Monitor]
[Log] on the touch panel display.)
The port number is 21 and cannot be changed.