Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Locally Administered Address. When a device is powered ON, its network address is
presented to the network. The default network address assigned by the manufacturer
at the time of production is known as the UAA (Universally Administered Address),
while an address specified by the network administrator to override the UAA is the
LAA (Locally Administered Address). Each LAA on a Local Area Network must be
Local Area Network. A network system formed by linking a server, workstations,
devices, and computers, which are all located in the same building or some other
relatively limited area.
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. A network protocol that enables you to locate
organizations, individuals, and other resources, such as files and printers on a
network, whether on the public Internet or on a corporate intranet.
Log on
Entering a user name and password as a means of user authentication to start a
computer session or gain access to a service.
Long distance dialing
When dialing or registering long distance numbers, you may need to insert a pause
within or after the telephone number. The destination and length of the pause differ
depending on the system. Contact your local authorized Canon dealer or local
telephone company if you experience difficulty in long distance dialing.
Line Printer Daemon. A daemon is a program that runs, without human intervention,
to accomplish a given task. The Line Printer Daemon controls the flow of print jobs to
a printer.
Line Printer Remote. A UNIX command used to print a file via a TCP/IP network.
A Canon software utility that realizes network printing on TCP/IP networks when
using the LPR, RAW, or IPP print protocol. Built into the print architecture of Windows,
Canon LPR2 enables network users to easily specify port settings for network