Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Gateway Address
The default address of a network or Web site. It provides a single domain name and
point of entry to the site.
A graphics language that enables computer applications to draw graphic images
using printers. Images in HP-GL/2 are represented as vector graphics, in which vector
objects describe an image in terms of geometric shapes, such as lines and polygons,
and fills.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The client-server TCP/IP protocol used on the World
Wide Web for the transfer of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) documents
across the Internet.
I-fax (Internet fax) enables you to send and receive a scanned original converted to
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) or PDF (Portable Document Format) image data as
an e-mail attachment to/from any I-fax compatible facsimile or personal computer with
Internet e-mail functionality.
Canon imageWARE is a software suite for business environments that provides
functions to efficiently capture, create, manage, and distribute documents. The
imageWARE suite also supports on-demand printing and publishing. For more
information, please see the imageWARE Web site at
imageWARE Document Manager Gateway
Software for sending scanned documents from imageRUNNER machines equipped
with the Send function, to imageWARE Document Manager folders via the network.
imageWARE Document Manager Gateway is a standard feature of both the
Workgroup Edition and the Enterprise Edition of imageWARE Document Manager. It
consists of two programs: imageWARE Document Manager Gateway Server, which
stores the documents, and imageWARE Document Manager Gateway Administrator,
which makes the settings for document storage destinations.
Internet Protocol (IP)
The underlying set of networking rules that describes how data is transmitted across
the Internet. Internet Protocol enables data from one computer to be split into
packets, and sent to another computer with a specific IP address.