Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Secure Sockets Layer. A protocol that ensures security and privacy when transmitting
private documents over the Internet.
SSL encryption
SSL uses two keys to encrypt data: a public key, which is known to "everyone," and a
private or secret key, which is known only to the recipient of the message.
Applies a stamp (about 1/8" (3 mm) in diameter) on the front side of originals after
they have been scanned, so that you can distinguish already scanned originals from
Use this setting to send normal, typewritten, or printed documents containing only
text and no drawings, photographs, or illustrations. See Fine, Super Fine, and Ultra
Startup time
If the machine is connected to a switching hub, it may not be able to connect to a
network when it is powering ON. This occurs because the spanning tree process,
performed between switching hubs, prevents them from communicating with each
other immediately after the machine connects to the network. A delay in the startup
time is necessary for the machine to connect to the network properly.
Shielded Twisted Pair cable. A cable consisting of one or more twisted pairs of wires
and a sheath of foil and copper braid. The twists protect the wires from interference
from each other, and the shielding protects the wires from interference from the
outside. Therefore, an STP cable can be used for high-speed transmissions over long
Subaddress is the global telecommunications standard specified by the ITU-T
(International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunication Standardization Sector).
When the remote party's machine supports the same standard, confidential or
relayed communications are possible by attaching a subaddress and a password in
Subaddress Books
The main Address Book is subdivided into 10 smaller address books, which are
considered subaddress books.