Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Setting Up a Computer as a File Server
Using a TCP/IP Network
Right-click [My Computer] click [Manage] to open the
[Computer Management] window under [System Tools], in
[Local Users and Groups], right-click the [Users] folder click
[New User].
In the [New User] dialog box, enter the user name in [User
name] enter the password in [Password] re-enter the
password in [Confirm Password] click [Create].
Enter a user name and a password not longer than 24 alphanumeric characters.
If [User must change password at next logon] is selected, any new users added
must change their passwords in order to send data from the machine. (You
cannot change the password from the control panel.)
In the Active Directory environment, the procedures for setting up users differ from
the above. For details, see the Windows manual.