Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Setting Up a Computer as a File Server
Using a TCP/IP Network
For more information on the system requirements for using a UNIX/Linux computer
as an FTP server, see "System Requirements" in "Sending Data," on p. 1-6.
In some environments, detailed settings may be required in order to use FTP. For
details, consult your network administrator.
Log in to a workstation as a superuser set up the users who
send documents from the machine, and their passwords.
Enter a user name and a password not longer than 24 alphanumeric characters.
Create a shared directory to be used for recipient addresses,
and then enable read access and write access by the users
who will be sending data.
Set a recipient address using the control panel.
Sample recipient setting:
Server side settings:
The machine's recipient settings:
For a sample screen, see the example of Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 screen
(see p. 3-47).
[Host Name]: starfish
The user's home directory is /home/hsato, and /home/hsato/share is the data
<Protocol>: FTP
[Host Name]:
[Folder Path]: Enter one of the following:
share (when using relative path)
/home/hsato/share (when using absolute path)
[User]: User name entered in step 1
[Password]: Password for the above user