Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Protocol Settings
Using a NetBIOS Network
Protocol Settings
This section describes how to specify the protocol settings for the machine using
the control panel. If you are configuring the settings for the first time, use the control
panel of the machine.
After configuring the settings, you can change them using software other than the
control panel of the machine. For details, see "Network Setting Items," on p. 8-2.
TCP/IP Settings
Specify the TCP/IP settings.
If you have not entered the TCP/IP settings yet, enter them now. (For more
information, see "TCP/IP Settings," on p. 3-3.)
SMB and WINS Settings
To use the machine on a NetBIOS network, specify the SMB settings. To resolve a
name with WINS, specify the WINS settings using the following procedure.
To specify the SMB settings, you need to use the optional UFR II/PCL Printer Kit,
the optional PS Printer Kit, the optional Super G3 FAX Board, or the optional Super
G3 Multi-Line FAX Board.
WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) is a service for associating a NetBIOS
name (which is a computer name or printer name on a NetBIOS network) with an IP
address. To use WINS, specify the IP address settings for the WINS server.