Univex NeatDesk Scanner User Manual

Welcome to NeatWorks
Welcome to version 4.0 of NeatWorks software. We're happy to announce the
following new or enhanced features with this release:
New User Interface: The menus and toolbars have been redesigned to make
the application faster and easier to use.
Quick Scan Center: Using a batch-type scanning process, you can quickly and
easily scan documents, receipts, business cards, and even create PDF files
without first launching the NeatWorks application.
Inbox: The Inbox is where your scanned items display so that you can verify,
edit and/or add notes before filing them in the appropriate organizer folder.
Filmstrip View: The Filmstrip is used for viewing multi-image items in the
image viewer of each organizer. If an item includes multiple images, the
filmstrip displays at the bottom of the image viewer, allowing you to quickly
scan through pages. If you click on a thumbnail in the filmstrip, it becomes the
main image displayed.
Keyword Search and Advanced Search: Use keyword search to find information
by typing in words in the search box or use Advanced Search by selecting
multiple criteria to drill down and find the receipt, business card, and document
information you need.
Archive: The new Archive feature enables you to zip and save information
outside of the NeatWorks application for future retrieval. This will improve
application speed as you archive old data sets outside the NeatWorks
PDF: A new workflow makes scanning to PDF faster and easier, while the
image quality of scans has been improved.
Before getting started, we recommend taking a moment to familiarize yourself with
our help system. Even seasoned NeatWorks users may benefit from reviewing
information about our new features and how the software works. We appreciate your
support, and are committed to providing solutions that organize your paper and
simplify your life.
© 2008 The Neat Company
Getting Started: What do I need to know?
NeatWorks is a scanner and software solution that helps you organize your paper.
Receipts, bills, medical forms, business cards...everything. It scans, analyzes and
organizes your paper and stores it all in a database on your computer. There are a
few basic concepts that will help you better understand how to use NeatWorks.
Before getting started, it may be helpful to review our answers to the following
questions about folders, scanning, and finding your information:
Where can I get support and updates?
What are folders and why do I need them?