Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

1. Basic concepts
About a Conguration
About a Snapshot
About storing Congurations and Snapshots
1.1 Introduction
Projector Toolset is a software tool to set up, congure, manage and control Barco projectors.
The concept of this Projector Toolset software is modular. The basic package can be extended with sev-
eral optional device plug-in modules, now and in the future available.
The Projector Toolset software works with congurations that can be loaded. Within a conguration, differ-
ent snapshots can be taken. A snapshot represents a current state of a conguration and can be reloaded
to return to this typical state. These terms will be used through the complete software.
Projector Toolset is a stand-alone application that runs on a Java Virtual Machine and that does not require
Several congurations can be controlled simultaneously. Even when the congurations are connected via
different ways.
1.2 About a Conguration
What is a Conguration?
A Conguration is a collection of projectors with all their current settings, connected to a computer. A
conguration can contain different settings, called snapshots, for all the projectors in the conguration.
1.3 About a Snapshot
What is a Snapshot?
A Snapshot is collection of settings of a conguration. Such a snapshot represents the current state of a
A snapshot can contain all settings or specic settings as input settings, lamp settings, layout settings or
projector settings. When restoring a snapshot, only the stored settings will be restored. The others remain
on their current value.
1.4 About storing Congurations and Snapshots
All information is stored by default in the install directory of Projector Toolset in the subdirectory Workspace.
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009