Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

5. Configurator
Image 5-19
Edit projector properties via right click
5.8 Conguration preview
Projector status
The border color around the pictograph i
ndicates the projector status.
Green: projector is online and there is communication with the projector.
Red: projector is online but there are warnings about the use of the projector.
Shaded: projector is disabled.
5.9 Conguration properties
What is available?
The following properties are available:
author name.
created on: date and time when the conguration is created (read only).
path: full path where the conguration is saved (read only).
descri ption: description which identies the conguration.
How to change
1. Click Conguration Properties (a1).
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009