Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

13. Configurator, Warp User Interface
13.1 About the Warp UI
Image 13-1
2 Selected active node
3 Active node
4 Interpolation node
5 Interpolation node intersection
6 Active node intersection
Each dot in the grid indicates a node. The small dots are not active nodes and cannot be moved. The
bigger dots are active nodes and can be moved during the warping setup.
Active dots can have different colors when moving this dots.
Green : node is not moved or is moved over less than 10% of its possible moving range. No problems
for the warping board.
Yellow (orange yellow) : node is moved over 10 to 20%. An warning can occur on the warping board
Red : node is moved over more than 20. Er
ror status for the warping board.
Active area
Yellow area around the selected node. When moving the active node, only the adjacent nodes in the
yellow area will move accordingly.
Node selection
Single node or multi node selection is possible.
To select a single node, click on a big dot (active node) in the grid.
For a multiple selection, press the Ctrl key and double click on the nodes which must be joined as one
node. The selected nodes get an o
range symbol on it to indicate that these nodes are joined together.
This selection will acts as a single node. All active nodes will move in the same direction.
Special cases of multi node selection are : a full row selection or a full column selection.
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009