Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

9. Configurator, Color alignment
custom preset). A temporary custom adjustment is possible. The maximum color space which can be
displayed is the projector color space. This color space is measured at the factory and stored inside the
How to select a color standard
1. Click on the open icon next to Active standard (a). (image 9-2)
A dialog box with a list of possible selections is displayed (b).
2. Select the desired standard color space (c).
Maximum color space
European Broadcasting Union. This organization denes a European standard.
American standard.
Custom The user can dene the x and y coordinates for red, green and blue which forms the
corners of the color space. By changing the coordinates, the color reproduction can be
3. Click Open (d).
The selected standard is loaded.
If a xed standard is selected, the coordinates are given as information but canno
t be edited.
When custom is selected, the Target coordinates can be changed.
Image 9-2
Color space selection
9.3 Custom color space set up
Setup via coordinates
1. Select rst Custom color space.
2. Click on the Target tab. (image 9-3)
The coordinates become available.
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