Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

8. Configurator, Projector adjustment settings
Image 8-46
Delete layout
8.7.13 Edit window texture
Window texture
Background of window representation in Layout preview. The texture can be a color or a pic-
Color ll
•Picture Start up
The rectangular which represents the window in the preview pane can have a colored lling or a picture as
lling. When using a picture as lling, the picture can be repeated to completely ll the window rectangular.
By giving other colors or pictures to the different windows a distinction between the sources can be made.
How to startup
1. Right click on the window to change the text
ure (a). (image 8-47)
A context menu opens.
2. Select Texture.
The Edit window texture dialog box opens (b).
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009