Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

10. Configurator, Installation settings
Maximum allowed power is fed to the lamp. Maximum light output is reached in
this way.
a reduced wattage is fed to the lamp. Reduced light output but a longer life time
for the lamp.
- When mode is set to Normal, then CLO mode can be switched on or off.
- When switching the power mode to Economic while the CLO mode is On, then the CLO mode is
switched to Off.
- When the power mode is Economic and the CLO mode is switched to the On mode, then the power
mode will be switched to the Normal mode.
2. Dimming, click on the slider and move the desired dimming position or click on the up down control of
the spin box until the desired dimming is reached.
CLO mode (status)
CLO or Constant Light Output allows to force a constant light output of the projector over a certain period.
This will eliminate uncontrolled light output drop caused by natural aging of the lamp.
To activate the CLO mode, check the check box in front of CLO status.
When CLO is activated, a target value must be entered. Click on the up down control of the spin box until
the desired CLO target lumens is installed or click in the input eld and enter the desired value with the
Lamp run time
This gives an indication of the current and remaining run time. A visual indication via a progress bar shows
the current run time in percentage of the total safe run time of the lamp.
Lamp strikes
Indicates the number of times the lamp has been started since the rst startup.
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009