Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

9. Configurator, Color alignment
Image 9-8
Custom white adjustment via curve
9.5 Save custom settings
What has to be done?
When creating a custom color space with cu
stom white point, the custom indication next to Active standard
gets an asterisk (*) to indicate that the values are not yet saved.
How to save?
1. Click on the Save icon ( ) next to Active standard.
The current values are saved as custom setting.
9.6 Preview set up of the color diagram
How to set up
1. Click on the View tab. (image 9-9)
The different selections become visible.
Grid lines Grid lines in the background inside the xy coordinate system.
CIE diagram Representation of the colors within the xy coordinate system. Chromaticity
Wavelength values Wavelength values displayed or not around the chromaticity diagram.
Global region Color gamut, maximum colors which can be reproduced by the wall
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009