Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

8. Configurator, Projector adjustment settings
Input color temperature
8.5.1 Introduction
About les
Beforeanewsourcecanbeused,acorrectle has to installed. The projector’s memory contains a list of
les corresponding to the most used sources. When the source corresponds with one of these les, the
le can be loaded and saved for future use. When there is a little difference, the lecanalsobeloaded
and then edited until the source specs are reached.
Types of source les
When opening the list of source les, you will recognize 2 types of source les:
system source les (default available in the projector’s memory)
custom source les
The custom source les with the same name of the system source lesareindicatedwithaindexnumber
between brackets.
8.5.2 Loading a tting input le
Load via Load icon
1. Select rst a window.
2. Click on Select le icon (a). (image 8-10)
TheLoad(t) dialog box opens (b).
Only the best tting les are displayed. Files with a digit between brackets are custom source les. All
others are standard source les.
3. Select a le from the list (c).
4. Click Open or Select to load the selected le (d).
When a standard le is selected or a not exactly matching custom le, Projector Toolset will ask to
create a new custom le by copying the settings of the selected le into the custom le.
5. Click OK to continue.
The new created custom source le is loaded and can be edited if necessary
Image 8-10
Load tting le via load icon
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