Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

4. Preferences
Start up the preferences
Access level
Software Appearance
Bug report setup
Workspace selection
4.1 Introduction
Preferences determine the default behavior of the software. Some preferences can be generally set for
the complete software, some others are only for the different plug-in modules.
4.2 Start up the preferences
How to start up ?
1. Click on File on the menu bar. (image 4-1)
The le menu opens.
2. Select Preferences... .
The Preference dialog box opens. (image 4-2)
3. Use the Show all button to display all the preference items. This Show all buttons is available in all
following sub preference windows.
4. Use Apply button to apply a preference change in one of the other module.
Use Cancel to ignore the preference changes.
Use OK to apply the preference changes and to close the window at the same time.
Image 4-1
Select Preferences
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