Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

6. Configurator, General projector settings
How to toggle
1. Press Pause button to toggle between Paused and Not paused.
6.5 Basic control, Text ON/OFF
What can be done?
The on-screen text boxes can be switched OFF so that an adjustment during the operation of the projector
is not visible on the screen. The adjustment indication remains visible on the local LCD display.
The text on/off status is indicated by the led color in front of the text button and by the text indication right
next to the button.
red: text is off, nu boxes visible on the screen. Text indication: Text off
green: text is on, all text boxes are visible on the screen. Text indication: Text on
Image 6-7
Basic control, text on/off
How to toggle
1. Press Text button to toggle between Text on and Text off.
6.6 Test pattern short cuts
What can be done?
Apredened pattern can be set immediately on the projection screen and cleared again.
To set a pattern
1. Click on one of the predened buttons. (image 6-8)
The selected pattern is displayed by the projector when the lamp is on and the shutter is open (not
The following patterns are available:
- Full screen red
- Full screen green
- Full screen blue
- Full screen black
- Full screen white
- Checkerboard
- Color bars
For more patters, see "Test patterns, others", page 76.
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009