Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

6. Configurator, General projector settings
red: lamp is off, text indication: Lamp off
green: lamp is on, text indication: Lamp on
Image 6-4
Lamp switching
Toggling the lamp
1. Press the Lamp button to toggle the lamp on or off.
When toggling the lamp from off to on, a Switching on window is display as long as the lamp is not fully
on. (image 6-5)
Image 6-5
Switching lamp on
6.4 Basic controls, pause setting
What can be done?
The image projection can be interrupted for a short time. The image disappears but full power is retained
for immediate restarting. Shutter is closed when pause is activated.
The pause status is indicated by the led color in front of the pause button and by the text indication right
next to the button.
red: pause is activated, shutter is closed. Text indication: Paused
green: pause is not activated, shutter is open. Text indication: Not paused
Image 6-6
Basic control, pause
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