Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

5. Configurator
5.11 Multiple projector selection
What be done?
Multiple projectors, same type or different type can be selected in the preview pane. The settings which
are common are displayed in the settings pane. The non common settings are grayed out. The displayed
settings are those of the rst selected projector, indicated with red dotted square, and do not tell anything
about the status of the other selected projectors.
When adjusting a common setting, the selected command is sent to all projectors in the selection.
E.g. when the GUI shows that the lamp is on, that means that the lamp of the rst selected projector is
on, but the lamp is not necessary on for all other selected projectors. To be sure that the lamp is on for all
projectors, switch off rst the lamp of the rst selected projector and then switch on the lamp again. The
lamp of all projectors will be on.
How to make a multiple selection
1. Click on the rst projector in the preview pane. (image 5-27)
A red dotted area indicates the selection. The settings of this projector will be shown in the settings
2. Hold down the CTRL key while clicking on other projectors to add to the selection.
Note: Different type of projec tors can be selected.
A white doted area will indicate that the projector is added to the selection.
Only the common adjustable settings are now displayed in the settings pane. Th
e actual displayed
value is the value of the rst selected projector.
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009