Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

14. Update module
Updating the projector
14.1 Introduction
The rmware of the projector/device can be updated with Projector Toolset.
Free downloadable packages can be found on Barco’s Partnerzone. (URL: w
ww.partner- Registration is necessary.
If you are not yet registered, click on Partnerzone registration and follow the instructions. With the created
login and password, it is possible to enter the partnerzone where you can download the desired software
Updating of multiple projectors at the same time is possible. When the updat
e is started on one projec-
tor/device and running, it is possible to start up an update on second projector/device.
The downloaded le is a zip le. Unzip this le before continuing.
Start up
To start up the Updater, just click on the Update icon ( ) on the navigation button bar or click on Mod-
ules and select Updater.
Image 14-1
Start Updater module
14.2 Updating the projector
A projector update must be done via an Ethernet connection.
Check rst if the all version info can be retrieved before starting an upgrade. If not, use
the recovery package in 2 steps to upgrade the projector.
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