Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

Aspect ratio
Relation between the horizontal & vertical dimension in which the window will be displayed, e.g. 4 by 3 or
16 by 9. Can also be expressed as a decimal number, such as 1.77. The larger the ratio or decimal, the
wider are less square the image.
Color standard
A color standard or color space is a mathematical representation for a color. For example the RGB color
space is based on a Cartesian coordinate system.
Default Gateway
A router that serves as an entry point into and exit point out of a network. For example, a local network
(LAN) may need a gateway to connect it to a wide area network (WAN) or to the Internet.
Dynamic host conguration protocol. DHCP is a communications protocol that lets network administrators
manage centrally and automate the assignment of IP addresses in an organization’s network. Using the
Internet Protocol, each machine that can connect to the Internet needs a unique IP address. When an
organization sets up its computer users with a connection to the Internet, an IP address must be assigned
to each machine. Without DHCP, the IP address must be entered manually at each computer and, if com-
puters move to another location in another part of the network, a new IP address must be entered. DHCP
lets a network administrator supervise and distribute IP addresses from a central point and automatically
sends a new IP address when a computer is plugged into a different place in the network.
DNS server
Computers, Projectors, Touch panels connected to a network are referenced by their IP address. The
only problem is that remembering IP addresses is not easy. If you need to use hundreds of addresses
then it will become impossible to remember them. This is why domain names are created. Internet names
(domain and host names) are just aliases to these IP addresses. When you use an Internet address it is
automatically translated to an IP address. In fact a program or device that translates those Internet names
to IP addresses is called a DNS Server.
Host name
This is the name that will be returned, along with the IP address in response to the UDP broadcast query
for projectors/touch panels.
Internet Protocol. The network layer of TCP/IP. Required for communication with the internet.
A layout is a collection of windows. These windows are placed on a certain position within the screen.
Preferences determine the default behavior of the software. Some preferences can be generally set for
the complete software, some others are only for the different plug-in modules.
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009