Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

17. Service module
17.3 Services FLM group
17.3.1 Upgrade projector
What can be done ?
Rhe Barco FLM R20+ or the Barco FLM HD18 can be upgraded to respective a FLM R22+ or a FLM
To realize this upgrade, the Lamp Power Supply (LPS) and Lamp House has to be replaced and the
projector software must be updated. Futhermore, the small UV/IR lter inside the projector has to be
removed. The improved coating on the UV blocker of the new Lamp House makes this small UV/IR blocker
Before using Projector Toolset to nalize the upgrade, install the corresponding upgrade kit. This kit con-
tains the Lamp Power Supply, the Lamp House and either an “FLM R22+” label or an “FLM HD20” label
which has to replace the existing label on the projector once the upgrade is realized. For more information
about this kit and its installation procedures, consult the installation manual (order number R59770284).
How to nalize the upgrade procedure
1. Click on Run Upgrade.
The sections “Validation panel” and “Upgrade FLM type” become visible. (image 17-2)
2. Send the FLM serial number and the value of the Key in the “Validation panel” upper eldtotheBarco
Note: In case the serial number is proceeded by le ading zero’s, e.g 000123456, the leading zero’s
must remain in the number which is sent to Barco. Otherwise, the returned Generated key will
not work.
Barco will verify this Key and after approval return the Generated key.
3. Once you received the generated key from Barco, ll out this key next to Generated key.
4. Click on Validate key.
When the key is valid, the Upgrade FLM type pane is enabled.
Note : The embedded software number must be 1.7.18 or later.
5. To change the projector type, click on Change type.
Aconrmation popup window opens.
6. Click Yes to conrm.
Several popup menus appear after each other to inform that:
a) the projector is restarted, the embedded software is loaded and the connection with the projector
has been restored.
b) the embedded software is loaded and the connection with the projector has been restored.
c) the connection with the projector is restored.
7. Click OK on the last info window to nalize the upgrade.
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009