Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

11. Configurator, Communication settings
How to set the mode
1. Click on the drop down box (a) and select the desired mode.
2. Click Apply.
11.3.3 DMX universe
About DMX (ArtNet) universe
Different universes can be dened so that more devices can be controlled. Each universe must have a
unique address between 0 and 255. That unique address is built-up by a subnet and an ID. Both can be
changed from 0 to 15 (or in hex value from 0 to F). The combination of both [(1) + (2)] gives a hex value
in the lower rectangle (3) and an equivalent decimal value in the upper rectangle (4).
Image 11-6
DMX universe
How to set the universe
1. Click on the up down control next to Subnet and ID until the desired address is obtained in the rectangle
between both controls.
click successively in the input elds and enter the desired decimal value to obtain the desired address
in the rectangle.
2. Click Apply to apply that address on the device.
11.4 Infrared receivers
What can be done?
The projector has 3 infrared receivers, front, back and side. Each of these receivers can be switched on
or off.
To switch a receiver on or off, click on the corresponding radio button of that receiver.
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009