Barco R5976924 Projector User Manual

14. Update module
How to update
1. Select the projector in the preview pane.
2. Click on Update settings.
Projector ID and serial number is given.
3. Click on Update now to start up the update wizard. (image 14-2)
4. If the indicated folder (a) is not the location where the update package is stored, click on ... (b) to open
the browse dialog box and browse to the directory where the update package is stored. Click on Open.
The available packages are listed.
- update package: use this package to upgrade the projector if the version info of the projector can be
5. Select the desired update (c) and click Next (e).
If you want to see more information about the update, click on More information ... (d) to display the
release info.
Information will be retrieved from the projector. An overview will be displayed with the current software
version next to the version in the update package.
6. Double click on the item that you want to upgrade. Multiple selection is possible by clicking on several
Click Next to continue.
An overview with the selected items will be displayed.
7. Click Install to start the update.
The connection will be prepared. A progress bar is displayed on the projector pictograph in the preview
The update window can now be closed. A new update of another projector can be started. (image 14-3)
To get an overview of the update status of a previous started update, double click on the pictograph of
that projector. The update status is displayed in the properties pane.
When the installation is nished, an info window is displayed.
R5976924 PROJECTOR TOOLSET 16/04/2009