AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
Chapter 7: Device Configuration 95
Figure 7-24: Logging Options Properties Dialog (AMD-8111 chipset)
Differences from Real Hardware
The AMD-8111 Southbridge device differs from other devices mainly in those items that
deal with real-time operation. Those items cannot be modeled in the current simulator.
The model does not include any of the power-management registers. The functionality of
the USB 2.0 controller is also absent (PCI registers and memory-mapped registers are the
only portion present).
For experimental purposes, the AMD-8111 Southbridge device supports an optional
IOMMU (based on IOMMU spec. 1.2) that can be enabled and disabled via the
automation command "8111.SetIOMMU 0|1". The addition of this block to the device
model does not reflect any real or planned hardware. When enabled, the AMD-8111
device‟s IOMMU PCI registers live in a capability block of the PCI Bridge. When
enabled, the AMD-8111 device‟s IOMMU delivers interrupts via PCIINTD. The AMD-
8111 device doesn't support PCI Express. This limits the number of distinct requester
ID's available (Three requester ID's: legacy LPC, legacy PCI, internal IDE controller).
There are no SimNow PCI models that implement MSI. This means the only APIC-style
interrupts the IOMMU can intercept are from a single requester ID, the AMD-8111
device‟s internal IOAPIC.