AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
140 Chapter 8: PCI Configuration Viewer
8.1 Scanning PCI Buses
To view the PCI Config Viewer Dialog select the "View→Show PCI Config Viewer
entry from the Main Window menu. To scan a PCI bus, you must first load a bsd file that
contains a CPU device. The dialog should look like the one shown in Figure 8-1.
8.2 Modifying the PCI Configuration contents
To modify the PCI configuration registers of a specific PCI device, select a device listed
in the PCI Config Viewers list box. The PCI Config Viewer shows the contents of all PCI
configuration registers of the selected device. To modify a certain byte of a PCI
configuration register, click on the desired hex value and enter a new hex value. To apply
the changes, click on the „Apply Register Modifications button.
Read-only bits cannot be modified using the PCI Config Viewer. Modified values appear
in red in the PCI configuration register list until you click on the „Apply Register
Modifications‟ button or close the PCI Config Viewer dialog.
To change the byte view of the PCI configuration registers to a dword view, check the
DWORD PCI Access‟ check box.