AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
232 Appendix A
Automation Command
GetLogIO <device>
Returns IO logging status of <device>. For
example, GetLogIO "USB Jumpdrive" returns
the following information:
PCI: Disabled
IO: Disabled
IOfpdis: Enabled
MEM: Disabled
MEMfpdis: Enabled
Fastpath <device> | <all> <i | m>
Enables the IO <i> or MEM <m> fastpath for
the given <device> or <all> devices.
GetFastpath <device> | all <i | m>
Returns enabled or disabled depending on if
fastpath is enabled or disabled for the given
<device> or all devices. The <i> option returns
the IO fastpath status. The <m> option returns
the MEM fastpath status.
SetVGAQuantum <time>
Sets the quantum value for the VGA signature
mechanism. If the VGA signature matches with
any of the preset golden VGA signatures the
simulation stops.
Returns the quantum value for the VGA
signature mechanism.
GenerateVGASignature <index>
Returns the VGA signature for the present
screenshot. It is an MD5 sum generated from
the contes of the present screen.
SetGoldenVGASignature <index>
Sets golden signature(s) needed for comparision
by the VGA signature mechanism.
EnableVGASignature <0 | 1>
Enables (1) or disables (0) the VGA signature
SetSyncQuantum <time (nanoseconds)>
Applies the MP Quantum <time> across all
machines (see also SetMPQuantum).
Returns the MP Quantum value in nanoseconds
set via SetSyncQuantum (see also
A.7.2 IDE
1 simnow> ide.usage
Automation Command
Image {master|slave|0|1} <filename>
Creates a volume for the given disk image (For
e.g. ide.image 0 i:\c0d0.img).
GetImage {master|slave|0|1}
Displays the disk image for the given volume.
Journal {master|slave|0|1} {off|on|0|1}
Turns journaling on or off for specified drive.
For instance, „ide.journal master on‟ turns on
journaling for master drive.