AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
Appendix A 239
Displays the current AMD-8111 configuration.
A.7.15 EHC
1 simnow> ehc.usage
Automation Command
log (enable | disable) {mp}
Enables or disables Memory (m) and PCI Configuration
(p) logging.
A.7.16 Journal
1 simnow> journal.usage
Automation Command
Returns „Super Block Size‟, „Index Block Size‟, „Index
Levels‟, „Disk Block Size‟ and „Maximum Disk Size‟.
SetParam <Super Block Size>
<Index Block Size> <Index
Levels> [ <Disk Block Size> ]
Sets journal parameters.
A.7.17 CPU
1 simnow> cpu.usage
Automation Command
LoadAnalyzer <analyzer_file>
Loads the analyzer analyzer_file with specified
arguments „args‟).
Shows all loaded analyzers.
EnableAnalyzer <num> <0|1>
Enables (1) or disables (0) analyzer specified by „num‟.
UnloadAnalyzer <num>
Unloads analyzer specified by „num‟.
MCAFault <bank>
<GenerateMCAFault(0|1)> <Status
Reg> <Address Reg>
Causes a generic MCA fault if GenerateMCAFault is
true (1) at specified Bank, AddressReg and status.
ProductFile <FileName>
Use product file to set fuses and configure CPU and
CodeGen <command> <args>
Sets or disables and enables code generator settings and
options. Command must be one of the commands shown
in Table 15-13. Args depends on the command
parameter, see Table 15-13.
DumpProfile [<blocks-to-dump>]
This command is limited to showing a profile of blocks,
without symbols, based on the current epoch. For more
information please refer to Section A.7.17.1, Profiling
in SimNow.
A.7.17.1 Profiling in SimNow™ Technology
Here is an example use of the profiling command and its output: