AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
Chapter 7: Device Configuration 73
to timing, such as the vertical retrace time, will be different. Any software that depends
on exact timing behavior may not function correctly.
The following features are only partially implemented. Any software that depends on
these features may not function correctly.
Translucency / Full Alpha-Blending
Full Texture Mapping
Gouraud Shaded Fills (ALPHA, FOG, STENCIL)
Trapezoids functions
a. Color Patterning 8x8
b. Expansion (Character Drawing) 1 bpp Planar
a. With Line-style
b. With Depth
c. Polyline/Polysegment using Vector Pseudo-DMA Mode
Image Load (ILOAD)
a. Linear-Color Expansion (Character Drawing) 1 bpp
b. Loading the Texture Color Palette
Loading any accelerator registers through the Pseudo DMA Window
ZBuffer Direct Access Procedure when ZBuffer is in AGP Space
Video Scaler
Texture Unit blending
Texture Staging
Supported 2D Features
Bus-Mastering (PCI/AGP)
Raster Operations: 0, ~(D | S), D & S, D & ~S, ~S, (~D) & S, ~D, D ^ S, ~(D
& S), D & S, ~(D ^ S), D, D | ~S, S, (~D) | S, D | S, 1
Hardware Clipping
a. Three-Color Cursor
b. XGA Cursor
c. X-Windows Cursor
d. 16-Color Palletized Cursor
a. Two-Operand
b. Transparent Two-Operand
c. With Expansion (Character Drawing) 1bpp
Image Load (ILOAD)
a. Two-operand
b. With Expansion (Character Drawing) 1bpp