AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
60 Chapter 7: Device Configuration
Figure 7-3: AMD Opteron™ Processor Virtual Bank-Select Line Configuration
Memory controllers in AMD Athlon 64 provide eight bank select lines. However, in
this case, each bank-select is routed to only one physical DIMM bank, i.e., the banks are
not ganged.
Figure 7-4: AMD Athlon64 Processor Bank-Select Line Configuration
Configuration of the DIMM Device allows the user to specify SPD data for each
simulated DIMM. The number of DIMMs supported in the DIMM Device model is
dependent on the type of CPU used in the system. If the CPU type is an AMD Opteron
processor, then the DIMM Device will assume a 128-bit memory interface and therefore
allow configuration of up to eight individual DIMMs. If the CPU type is something other
than AMD Opteron, then the DIMM device assumes a 64-bit memory interface and
accepts configuration for only four DIMMs. It isn‟t until the simulation is started that the
DIMM Device can determine what type of CPU is present. For this reason, the DIMM
Device will initially display configuration tabs for 8 DIMMs even when used with a CPU
that is not based on the AMD Opteron processor. After the simulation is started, the
DIMM device will remove and ignore any configuration of DIMMs 4-7 if a processor
other than the AMD Opteron is detected.