AMD 4.4.5 Switch User Manual

AMD Confidential
User Manual November 21
, 2008
Chapter 9: Logging 145
This item, checked by default, disables the Fastpath Memory mechanism when Memory
Space Accesses logging is enabled. If this is unchecked, accesses may not appear in the
WARNING: Un-checking this item may lead to significantly compromised performance
of SimNow if large numbers of accesses are being made to the device in question. For
example, logging all accesses to the DIMM device would make SimNow extremely slow.
Log Fastpath Memory Requests when Logging
This item, when combined with un-checking Disable Fastpath Memory when Logging,
will log both memory space accesses and Fastpath Memory requests themselves.
What is then logged are slow-path Memory Space Accesses and Fastpath Memory handle
requests. Actual calls to Fastpath Memory, i.e. usage of Fastpath Memory handles, are
not logged.